Why does everything burn. How to explain to children what a fire is

Why does everything burn. How to explain to children what a fire is

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You are at home watching television, you just turn on the news channel and a presenter comes out talking about an active fire in a forest. It is right there that your son asks you what is that? Why is there fire on the mountain? The little ones are curious about everything, so it is normal for them to catch their attention if they see things of this type in the media. We talk about how we can explain to children what a fire is and about what we can all do to avoid it.

In the news you hear that a forest near your city burns. The firefighters do everything possible to put out the flames and, how could it be otherwise, your child pays attention to that event. Knowing how to answer all your questions and explain correctly and in terms that you can understand why these things happen will be of great help. First, so that he can have the necessary information and, second, so that he knows that he too can do something to prevent those fires. Let's see it!

1. Explain to your child what a fire is in simple words
It is about adapting the words to the child's age so that they can understand them well. If he is still very small, you can tell him that the fire is a fire in the forest that destroys the plants and the field. If it is something older, terms can be used just like they are heard in the news. What's more, tell your child to watch the news with you so that you can all follow the evolution of the fire.

2. Don't give him more information than he can handle
The idea is that you tell him what a fire is and even that you tell him about the news that is being seen on television those days. But don't make the mistake of giving her more information than she can handle. This would only lead to confusion and a misunderstanding of the subject.

3. Allow me to ask as many questions as I want
It is through questions and more questions that the smallest of the house understand things. So in this case also let them do what they want. On the other hand, and once you have given them the appropriate explanations, you can ask the questions to see if they have understood it correctly. Make them short and simple questions that you can even answer with yes or no.

4. Mom, who made the fire?
Another thing that boys and girls often say when they see a fire on television is who did it. It is there that you will have to answer that there are times when fires arise on their own due to the extreme heat and the warm wind that spread a simple spark to make a great fire. That at other times someone does it on purpose, a fact that is punishable by law and, other times, it goes through carelessness that can be avoided. Right at this point you can teach him some basic rules that must be followed when we go to the field or the forest and that will prevent fires.

Let's review the basic rules to follow in nature with which we can take maximum care of it. Show them to your children, you will see that they understand it wonderfully! And above all, lead by example, you know that they they learn by example.

You can start with something like this ... Look son, every time someone goes to the forest, including us, there are a number of things that we must do and others that we will have to avoid. It is the only way there is for the forest to be safe and sound, it does not burn and the plants, trees and animals can continue to live calmly and happily. So on our next field trip ...

- We will not throw any garbage. We will keep it until we find a container. Food scraps in the sun's heat can easily burn.

- The older ones never, never We will throw cigarette butts on the ground.

- We will not make fires or bonfires no matter how small, unless we are in an area allowed for it. And we'll always turn them off before we go!

- Nothing to leave glass boats on the groundl, not even if they are broken.

- We will ask for help if we see that someone is not doing things right.

- And if unfortunately we run into a fire, we'll call the fire department and get away from him as quickly as we can to get to a safe place. We will have to go against the wind and towards an area of ​​the mountain with little vegetation.

Now you know how to explain to children what a fire is, definitely resolved!

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