Short poems about peace

Short poems about peace

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On January 30, the School Day of Non-Violence and Peace is celebrated and it is that this date commemorates the death of Mahatma Gandhi, spiritual leader of India and one of the men who have most spread the sense of peace in the world .

Children have to learn from a young age what peace is and why it is important to live in a world where peace reigns. We can support ourselves with drawings about peace, phrases by famous authors, the teachings of great people or even short poems that talk about peace.

So that there is peace in the world,
there must be peace in the nations.

So that there may be peace among the nations,
there must be peace in the cities.

So that there is peace in the cities,
there must be peace between the neighbors.

So that there is peace between the neighbors,
there must be peace in the houses.

So that there is peace in the houses,
there must be peace in hearts.


Peace, peace, peace! Luminous peace.
A life of harmony
on a happy land.
Endless peace, true peace.
Peace that the dawn rises
and at night do not die.

Rafael Alberti

If all the politicians
become pacifists
peace would come.
That there will not be another war,
but if there was,
May all the soldiers
go on strike.
Freedom is not having a good master,
but have none.
My party is Peace.
I am their leader.
I'm not asking for votes
I ask for boots for the barefoot
-there are still many

Gloria Fuertes

I will humbly endeavor to love,
in telling the truth, in being honest and pure,
in not having anything that I don't need,
in earning my salary with work,
in always being attentive to what I eat and drink,
in never being afraid,
in respecting the beliefs of others,
in always looking for the best for everyone,
in being a brother to all my brothers


Sad wars
if the company is not love.
Sad, sad.
Sad weapons
if not the words.
Sad, sad.
Sad men
if they don't die of love.
Sad, sad.

Miguel Hernandez

Only three letters, three letters nothing more,
only three letters that you will learn forever.
Only three letters to write PEACE.
The P, the A, and the Z, just three letters.
Only three letters, three letters nothing more,
to sing PEACE, to make PEACE.
The P for people, the A for loving
and the zeta of sapphire or zagal.
(Sapphire for a blue world,
of boy for a boy like you.)

Gloria Fuertes

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