German boy and girl names. A - E

German boy and girl names. A - E

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We know that for some parents choose baby's name it can be a headache and even a cause for discussion. In our site We do not want anything or anyone to overshadow this precious moment that both Mom and Dad have ahead of you, so we want to make it easy for you and give you a cable.

If you have no preference as to whether it is long or short, nor about its origin and meaning, perhaps it would not hurt to take your time to "study" this list of german names for boys and girls that we have prepared.

An advice: do not leave the choice of the name of your little one for the last minute. Do you want to know the reason? We give you several! First, because if the offspring is restless and playful, he will start kicking mom's belly very soon and you will have the gesture of wanting to address him. Another reason is that if the maternal or paternal grandmother wants to embroider a towel or a bib with her name, the sooner she knows it, the better! And because this way you will create a stronger bond between dad, mom and ... this little one who comes into your life to fill it with maximum happiness!

That said, we encourage you to look for a name of Germanic origin for your baby, if you had not considered it to date, because these are names that, in general, are usually related to power, struggle, wealth, fame or success.

  • Most popular boy and girl names in Germany
  • Classic and elegant baby names
  • Rare names for newborns
  • Names for newborns from A to E

Most popular boy and girl names in Germany

Many names of Germanic origin They are often linked to religion, hence they have become some of the favorites of people living in Germany. If in your case, you like everything that comes from the culture and tradition of this European country, these proposals for your child are going to enchant you!

  1. Abel. Its origin could go back to the Old Testament. Abel is the second son of Adam. In feminine it would be Abelina.
  2. Adagny. It belongs to the family of names of Germanic origin that begin with Ada (Adalberga, Adalbert, Adalbero) and that means nobility.
  3. Adam. Its meaning is not known for sure, it is thought to be Hebrew and that its translation would be red.
  4. Alexander. Male name of Greek origin, it became popular thanks to Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia. Another curiosity, to date 8 potatoes have reached this name.
  5. Anna. One of the most beautiful and popular female names in Germany and the rest of the world, which in recent years has become more famous for the movie Frozen.
  6. Elies. Originally a French form of Elisabeth, Elies is also considered a biblical masculine name.
  7. Emilia. Girls who bear this name are said to be very ambitious and competitive.

Classic and elegant baby names

Some refer to them as grandmother's names, because they were typical of decades past. But as fashions change, classic names They are once again one of the favorites for modern dads to call their children. Do you want to know which ones are the most popular in Germany?

  1. Agatha. Female name of Greek origin, it has several ways of writing: Agatha, Agata or Agathe.
  2. August. This name is inspired by the eighth month of the year and, in addition, it is the name of the first Roman emperor, Octavian Augustus.
  3. Benno. This name has a great curiosity, and it is that it is the short form of names that begin with Bern, for example, Bernardo.
  4. Bruno. It is one of the most popular names that can be heard in Spanish-speaking countries, but this name in German was very common in the form of Brunn.
  5. Charlotte It became very popular, especially in the 19th century. It comes from the form, Karl.
  6. Clemens. It is a name of Latin origin that means soft. If you want your baby to say good night to you and not wake up, maybe this should be your option!
  7. Emil. The Germans borrowed this name from their neighbors the French. It is common to meet Emil along with other names, for example, Emil Arthur or Emil Andreas.

Rare names for newborns

If what you do not want under any circumstances is for your child to share a name with other children in his class and, in the end, to identify him and not confuse him with anyone, the teacher and his friends choose to address him by his surname or with a nickname, Here you have a selection of unusual names or rated by some as rare!

  1. Arian. Male name with different meanings, for example, in Albanian it means gold; in Welsh, silver or diamond; and in Persian, noble.
  2. Ayla. It is a feminine name of Hebrew and Turkish origin and means oak.
  3. Cassian. Also called Cassiano or Cassianus. They are usually people who give themselves to others, perhaps because this name is related to a 4th century martyr.
  4. Cedrik. It is often said that children who bear this name are very affectionate. Curiosity: this name appears in the novel Ivanhoe.
  5. Devin. It can be used for both a boy and a girl. It means effort and tenacity.

Names for newborns from A to E

And now is the time to order the names according to their handwriting, so that future moms and dads have it easier when it comes to coping with the tessitura of choose the name for your offspring. In the following tables that we present, you will find names starting with A, B, C, D, E, that is, with the first five letters of the alphabet, but perhaps what most attracts the attention of the parents of this classification is the meaning of each of them and, of course, if it fits more for a boy than for a girl. Shall we start?

ABELARDResolved, in charge of the abbeyBoy
ADALGISANoble hostageGirl
ADALGISONoble hostageBoy
ADALIARefuge of godGirl
ADELBERTFamous for nobilityBoy
ADELFRIEDWho protects descendantsBoy
ADELMONoble protectorBoy
ADEMAROGlorious in battleBoy
ADOLFINAnoble wolf, noble heroGirl
ADOLPHNoble wolf, noble heroBoy
ALARICNoble ruleBoy
ALBERTNoble and brilliantBoy
ALDOUSRich old manBoy
ALGERNoble warriorBoy
ALICIAnoble, trueGirl
ALPHONSENoble, impatient statusBoy
Will loveBitter, eternal, immortalGirl
ARABELLEBeautiful eagleGirl
ARNOLDPowerful eagleBoy
AUBREYGoblin ruleGirl
AVAA birdGirl
BALDWINBold friendBoy
BERGENInhabitant of the mountainBoy
BERITBrilliant, gloriousGirl
BERNADETTEBold as bearGirl
BERNARDBold as bearBoy
BERTHAGlorious, learningGirl
BINGHAMHip hollowBoy
BLAZConstant protectorBoy
BLUMAA flowerGirl
BRANDEISDweller in a burned clearingBoy
BURKEBirch treeBoy
CAROLINELoud, melody, songGirl
CONRADOCourageous adviceBoy
DAGMARHappy, bright dayGirl
DAGNAA splendid dayGirl
DAGOBERTBright sunBoy
DIETERThe rule of the peopleBoy
DUSTINFighter, braveBoth of them
EBBAForce, turn of the tideGirl
EBERHARDBoar, wild and strongBoy
EDWINProsperous friendBoy
EDWINAProsperous friendGirl
EGBERTSword, famous, shinyBoy
EGMONTweapon defenderBoy
ELDWINOld friendBoy
ELISABETHJutament of GodGirl
ELLERYOne that lives near the oldest treeBoy
EMERYWork ruleBoy
EMMAUniversal, completeGirl
ERIKAAlways powerfulGirl
ERNESTSerious, vigorousBoy
ERNESTINEWould be vigorousGirl

More names of Germanic origin with other letters

What of all german names What is in the tables above, haven't you found the one that wakes you up with the smile on your face? Do not worry! Maybe it's that none of those letters matched you. What if you try a name that begins with another consonant or vowel? How about F, with I, with Q, with R, or even banished in some Z languages? You will have a choice!

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