Christmas magic. Christmas story for children nervous about gifts

Christmas magic. Christmas story for children nervous about gifts

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Christmas is a time of love, hope, hope ... and also of nervous children to open their gifts! For all of them, Guiomar Toledano has written a nice short Christmas story that allows us to understand very well how children live this festive period. We have accompanied this short story with a series of educational activities with which children can learn from the story. Merry Christmas!

There was a Christmas atmosphere in every corner of the school. The teacher told her 3-year-old students something very exciting that was going to happen on Christmas Eve. Everyone listens to her very attentively, even José Luis, a dark-haired boy with big eyes who was a bit unruly and restless, who was left with his mouth open when he heard his teacher.

The days went by until the long-awaited day finally arrived, it was December 24, and Christmas Eve was celebrated. José Luis woke up very nervous, and began to decorate the fireplace in his house, because that night he would receive a visit from someone very special. His mother, to reassure him, asked him to help her prepare the table for dinner in the company of her relatives.

As the guests arrived, each one of them was recounted the words of their teacher:

- On December 24, Christmas Eve is celebrated! when all of you are asleep by your chimney Santa Claus will come down loaded with gifts.

These words from his teacher left José Luis astonished, although a little scared because someone was going to enter his house. However, he could not hide that he was full of excitement and nervousness to see the gifts he was going to receive. As soon as he finished dinner, he ran to his bed to fall asleep as soon as possible.

A new day dawned, José Luis woke up very early and running and screaming he went to his parents' bedroom.

- Daddy! Mommy! It's daylight now, wake up!

Their parents got up and, full of emotion, went to the living room to see the surprise that Santa Claus had left them, but ...

- Oh no! There is nothing here, ”said José Luis, very sad.

The living room was the same as always, only snow and more snow came out of the fireplace.

- It has snowed? - José Luis's mother asked.

He looked out the window and observed how the whole city was covered in a large white blanket, he had never seen it so beautiful. Suddenly, he noticed a note that had been taped to the window pane that read as follows:

'Dear José Luis, it may be the first time you see the snow but don't be scared. It is only water that can be touched and played with. This year it has hardly rained, the fields are dry, the swamps almost empty and I have given you a great snowfall that will help you all.

Run, get dressed and go out to play with friends and family. By the way, the snow is very cold so put on gloves, a hat, a scarf, a coat and some good boots.

Signed: Santa Claus'.

Thus, for the first time in the history of the city, all its inhabitants celebrated Christmas Day together, happy and happy for the great gift that Santa Claus had given them: solve the drought problem and that all together share a day of joy. Isn't that the magic of Christmas?

Did you like this story about Christmas? In addition to having a great time as a family reading the story of José Luis and his most special gift, this story can help you improve your children's reading comprehension or, at least, to check if they have understood the story and if they were paying attention while you have been reading it. To do this, we propose some questions based on this beautiful story.

1. What did the teacher tell her students?

2. What happened when José Luis went to his living room the next morning? What did you find there?

3. What was Santa's gift that year?

4. Were the townspeople happy or sad about the gift?

5. What have you learned from this story?

This Christmas story gives rise to different educational activities. We propose some of them, but surely you can think of many others with which to continue enjoying with your children and students with this story.

- Create your own colored snow!
Do you dare to create your own homemade colored snow? It is a very simple experiment to do and the result is very attractive to children. Carrying out it is very simple, since you only need a few diapers and coloring. You will love it!

- Talk to the children about the different states of the water
If you have shared this story with older children, you can take the opportunity to tell them about the states of water: liquid, vapor, solid ... In fact, you can do different experiments that show them in a practical way. It is also an ideal occasion to teach children how the water cycle works.

- Explain what drought is and why it occurs
The word 'drought' may be a bit strange to some children. Therefore, as a result of this story, you can investigate a little more about what it is, why it occurs and how we can avoid it. It is a perfect occasion to introduce the little ones to saving water and the small gestures that they can also do.

- Draw pictures of Santa Claus
The youngest children will have a great time illustrating this story. Ask them to draw Santa Claus and, while you are doing it, ask them what they are going to ask for in the letter this year. Perhaps you will also be encouraged to ask for some snow!

- Read more Christmas stories
And finally, we encourage you to continue enjoying the best Christmas stories. Don't miss out on all we have!

Since we wish you some HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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