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Homemade tricks to relieve earache in children

Homemade tricks to relieve earache in children

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Earache It is a disease that few children get rid of. In some cases more persistently than in others. In some cases it can be caused by a catarrhal infection of the upper respiratory tract, or by a throat infection; in others, it may be due to other causes such as injuries caused by the child to himself by scratching the ear canal or by water entering the ear, for example during swimming.

For alleviate the discomfort it causes Here we suggest some home tricks, although we always recommend going to a specialist to assess the extent of the injury.

1- Apply a dryer at a not too high temperature for a maximum of 3 minutes near the ear, never directly, so that the hot air enters it, helping to dilute the liquid accumulated inside.

2- Squeeze a garlic and apply a drop in the ear. It has analgesic qualities and acts as a natural antibiotic that can help relieve pain.

3- Put a few hot drops (that are bearable, of course) of olive oil or almond oil in the ear as it acts as a lubricant relieving itching and dryness.

4- Place a hot water bottle wrapped in a cloth over the ear.

5- Apply 3 drops of breast milk in the ear.

6- Cook a small onion or a little ginger in water. Let cool and drain. Putting 2 or 3 drops of this liquid in the ear can relieve pain.

7- When the child is old enough to chew gum, this gesture can relieve pressure in the ear helping it to ventilate allowing it to drain.

- Go to the pediatrician in case children have persistent pain in the ears.

- It is important prevent water from entering the earIf our child usually suffers from this condition repeatedly and has to stay in the water for a long time, it is advisable to use special plugs that prevent the water from leaking.

- Clean the nostrils with sea water or serum to prevent the as passing into the ear canals.

- Do not use the swabs traditional that can push the wax inward and cause damage to the ear. To remove excess wax, it is recommended to use natural sprays.

- Prevent the child from scratching or insert your finger or any other object in the ear.

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